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A little bittersweet.

March - Geraldine Brooks

This is the second book by Geraldine Brooks that I've read, and I love her voice and writing style.  This book is based on the March family from Little Women, told from both Mr. March's point of view, as well as Marmee's.  I'll preface this by saying that I tend to have a very hard time with war stories, both written and in movies.  I very rarely enjoy them, I think because I find war so very unenjoyable.  I can't really derive any sort of pleasure from hearing about war, unless the war serves only as a backdrop or for timing purposes.  Mr. March does go into some detail about his experiences while serving as a chaplain during the Civil War, and that was very hard for me to read.  It was a fairly short book, but took me relatively much longer to get through.  I could only read a handful of pages at a time.  Having said that, I liked that there was a very "real" quality to these characters, not romanticized versions of people from a childhood story.  And I liked that the experiences the characters went through added to their lives and their development as people.  I think this would be a great read for people maybe not so sensitive to wars, like me, but it's a good read overall.