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Move is complete. Subtitle: Jaaaaaaamieeeeeeee

I've been totally consumed with my move lately, and things have finally started to settle down a bit.  Everything is out of our old place, and I'd say we're about 85% done with the unpacking process.  We have two rooms that are where all homeless items are going, so we're keeping the damage pretty contained.  Joy of joys, the cable/internet was set up (finally!) on Saturday, which means I spent two full hours with Jamie and Outlander. 


virtual date


Outlander was sooooo good, and it just makes me want to pick the series back up (I would be on book 3 now). 


I'm not the fastest reader in the world, and reading the first two Outlander books at 800 pages each really set me behind in my yearly goal.  Which is part of why I've avoided yearly goals in the past.  I should really be looking at average pages read, or something along those lines.  But really, I can not express my joy at seeing Jamie in the flesh.  And the accents.  The. Ac. Cents.  Yessssssss.  I will definitely be doing my happy dance every Saturday.


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