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2 of 2 for Tracy Chevalier!

Girl With a Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier

This is the second book by Tracy Chevalier that I've read, and both of them have been fantastic.  Aside from this being short in terms of pages, it's also a very quick read.  I love her writing style and narrative voice.  She is very descriptive, but not overly so.  She gives just enough detail so you can fully appreciate the scene, and get a sense of what's important to the characters, but not Hemingway-esque (so no 5 page rants about a shoe, or anything like that). 


One thing I found interesting is how the paint (and the paintings) were almost characters themselves.  They were such important aspects to the story, and took on a life of their own.  The paint is almost more of a character than Griet, since Griet was in such a restrained and restricted position, and all of her energy and focus was devoted to the paint.


This was a beautiful story, one I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.