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Dog joy!
Dog joy!

How about some Monday morning joy to start the work week.  :)


I found out about an old prison cemetery near my house recently, so I loaded the hound dog into my car and we set off to find it.  The cemetery had two fences around it (a perimeter fence which I could get into, but also a fence around the headstones which was locked), so it wasn't nearly as interesting as it could have been.  But I had my camera on me, and the hound dog was LOVING being able to run around off the leash.  The back story is, as a pup, he was attacked by two bigger dogs that lived next door that were off the leash, so ever since then, he doesn't like to be approached by dogs off the leash.  He used to love the dog park, but especially in his old age, he's getting a bit moody.  So this was the first time in a while that's he's really be able to run around without being pestered by anyone, and he was having such a great time. 


Dog smiles are fantastic.  Here's to smiling all week.