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Reading progress update: I've read 66%. -- Why oh why did I wait so long!?

Outlander - Diana Gabaldon

I usually don't publish my progress updates, but daaaayum why did I wait so long to read this?!  I am love love loving everything about this book.  I think Jamie is ruining me for other men.  My hubby is his own breed of tall handsome red head, but he's no tartan-clad brawny Scot.  And ZOMG the accents.  Now that I know what a proper Scot sounds like (thanks SilverThistle!) I can. not. get. enough. 









Have to give a page break so Jamie is visible in all of his glory.



And I can supplement all of my reading with this guy.  Mmmmmmm.  (there's nothing under the kilt, BTW, which makes me erupt in schoolgirlish giggles)



Holy wow.  It's this guy that keeps me going for 800 pages, and more.


I'm glad that I'm reading this before the show comes out this summer, because this is one of the few books that I'm really anti-spoiler about.  I found out that

Jamie and Claire get married

(show spoiler)

which is maybe not so much of a spoiler at all, but I was really peeved that I knew before it happened in the book.  And, I realized that this is just the first in a series, and I was going to add the rest of the books to my TBR, but just reading the blurb of book 2 told me more than I wanted to know.  Hmmmph.  So I think I'll have to leave all of the rest of the books off of my TBR so I don't come across any spoilers.


If you haven't read this book yet, please do.  It's fantastic.  Any reviews I write will be either sufficiently vague, or sufficiently spoiler-hidden.