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The trouble with series. Serieses. Serii.

Last Sacrifice  - Richelle Mead

I really enjoyed the Vampire Academy series.  Like, really really.  Until we got to the last book, which dragged on a bit, and just didn't feel as engrossing as the other 5 books.  5 books worth, I've gotten to know these characters, and even love some of them.  And we wrap it up like this.  But that's the problems with serieses (or whatever you call them).  They have to wrap up somehow.  What is it, do authors say, I'm going to write 6 books, before they've even written book number 1, and they have to just make it work?  If the evolution of the series was more organic, maybe we wouldn't have this problem.  Like I wrote book number 1, and it really couldn't go without a follow up. 


Anyway, one thing I really disliked about this book is how quickly Rose and Dimitri seem to have given up on each other.  And for a really big part of the book they played this stupid charade.  Dimitri being the sexy stoic god that he is, and Rose just trying to reel him in.  Unsuccessfully.



Rose felt like she really digressed and became super immature again for the first third of the book probably.  I was actually really enjoying her getting more mature as the series progressed, so this was a real backslide. 


I think overall, just the premise of the book was not that interesting.  The mystery of

Tatiana's murder, the trials, and whether or not Lissa would become the new Queen

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just was not that intriguing to me.  It was too bad the series had to go out with such a whimper.