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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead

The blurb on this book is pretty vague, so I'm going to spoiler it up here....


One thing I really didn't like about this book was

the relationship between Rose and Adrian.  Rose just spent last book hunting down Dimitri and having hot make out scenes with him for half the book.  She knows he's not dead, but she just moved on to Adrian.  Maybe if there were at least a couple of chapters easing in to the Adrian thing, I would have felt less rushed.  But it just feels so forced for me.  I mean, it feels sort of forced for Rose too, and maybe that's the point?  I don't know, I'm just not really on Team Adrian.

(show spoiler)

Then we find out at 56% ZOMG

that Lissa can bring back Dimitri!! 

(show spoiler)


So this definitely changes things.  The last half of this book can go in any direction!  But at 59% WTF

Dimitri doesn't even want to see Rose?  Give. Me. A. Break.  I really need some sweet sweet reunion happening here.

(show spoiler)


I really just can't take that. 


And we end

with the murder of the queen and Rose on trial. 

(show spoiler)

A bit of a cliffhanger!!  On to book 6!!