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Series picking up steam!

Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead

One thing that is tricky about series (serieses?  serii?) is the pacing.  So many times a series will go dull in the middle, or wrap up too quickly.  So far, that is not the case with Vampire Academy, and it just keeps on picking up steam. 


So Rose is continuing to mature, learning from her mistakes and experiences.  This is supposed to be a year or two after the first book, so I'm glad that she is maturing.


She spends most of the book looking for Dimitri, so we find out a lot about him.  I loved how his character continued to develop even though he wasn't really in the book, by getting to know his family and where he comes from.  We learned a lot about his background and history, and he feels so much more robust as a character to me now.  He was so stoic and reserved in the previous books, it's nice to get to know him better at this point.


And we learn

Abe is Rose's dad.  Not sure if this is a spoiler, but just in case, I'll mark it.  I pretty much had an inkling it was him from the first time he showed up, but now it's confirmed.

(show spoiler)

ZOMG the Dimitri feels continue!