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My name is Reenless D. Lovefern

This is so cool!


I came across the article which describes the origins of names used by Susan Collins in Hunger Games Trilogy (great read as well, link to the article below) and at the same time discovered another site where you can pick your own Hunger Games name!


And since I've read them all I played! :)


Here's how it happened. There are several rules:


1. Write down the second syllable of your middle name.

I don't have a middle name, and my first full name in Polish is Katarzyna, so the second syllable is ta.


2. Write down the name of a plant.

Ivy (I'm not always a good girl and this plat makes me think of something evil ;-) )


3.  If you are a female above the age of 30, write down the word "less." If you are a female under the age of 30, write down the word "met." If you are a man of any age, A) welcome! and B) write down the word "petra."


Female, under 30 (not long though, oh dear...) so met


4. Write down the first initial of the last name of your favorite English teacher from school..


it's L.


5. Write down one simple action verb.


Read it is.


And now let's mix:


 - Combine the answer from #1 with the answer from #3. That is your first name.


 -Your middle initial is the answer to #4.


 - Your last name is your answer to #5 with your answer to #2 added to the end.



My Hunger Name is Tamet L. Readivy :D


What's yours?


Here's Cool article about Hunger Games Names (click).

Source for picking new name: Find Your Hunger Games Name! (click)

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