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A Review in Pictures - Reign - Episode 7

At long last!  :D


So I think that I may have missed an episode in there somewhere, and this is already from last week, but I'm trying to stay on track.


OK, so the last episode was pretty boring, so this episode is really a fresh start.  And I actually........eeessh........enjoyed it. 


I think my brain is fried from work, so it's reveling in anything extracurricular.


Anyway, so here the story goes.  The king rides off to somewhere with his entire entourage, leaving the queen, Francis the dauphine, and Mary in the castle with some random people and very little in the way of guard.  So up comes some Italian dude, I think he's from Naples, and he has a bone to pick with the French.  Apparently they had his son hostage for 8 months, and when they finally released him, he died on the way home.  Well papa was not happy, and came to pick a fight.



ZOMG it wasn't that cute though. 


So Francis realizes that he loves Mary, and stops being a little D-bag.  The ghost with a bag on her head even made a pseudo-cameo.  Apparently ghost girl is friends with Mary, and Mary asks the ghost girl to mark a path through these hidden tunnels to help the castle dwellers and the dauphin escape.  Olivia the mistress is supposed to open the hidden door to let the dauphin escape, but he tells her to wait for Mary to come.  Homegirl takes off, and gets lost in the maze of tunnels.  I think the ghost girl actually blew out Olivia's candle (literally) but it just went to black so I have no clue what happened to her there.


At the end, Mary and the Queen sort of have a heart to heart, and Mary and Francis get to smooching.  I gave a little squeal when they actually hooked up, which is ridiculous.



I'm wondering what's up with episode 8 though, because there was no preview at the end of this episode.  I guess we will see what happens on Thursday!


On a side note, it actually makes me a little bit sad to watch this glorified tween fantasy version of Mary's life, especially knowing that she basically grows up, held hostage for 20 years and then executed by her cousin.  Such a sad end, and for such a romanticized beginning.