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Before I Go To Sleep

Before I Go To Sleep - S.J.Watson

Oooh, very creepy, suspense-y, page-turny!  I loved it.  Solid 4.5*. 


So the basic premise is the narrator suffers from amnesia, and every time she falls asleep, she forgets everything from the day before, and pretty much since her 20s or so (she's in her 40s or 50s now).  So everyday she has no idea who she is, and has to piece her life story together in bits and pieces.  But who can she trust? 


So she starts keeping a journal.  Very Memento-esque.



Enter some good old fashioned paranoia, and innocent confusion.


Very creepy, and an excellent read all around.


Bonus tidbit, apparently the author wrote this for some sort of college class, or writing workshop, on how to write a novel.  This was the fruit of that seminar.  I think that makes me like it even more.