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A Review in Pictures - Reign - Episode 2

So, even though I wasn't crazy about Episode 1 I went ahead and watched Episode 2 of Reign, about Mary Queen of Scots.  I thought that by having lower expectations, that I would be less disappointed this time around.  I guess it sort of worked (sort of) because I feel pretty set on watching the third episode next week.  But thinking back on it, just some things you can't unsee.




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My first issue still stands, which is the costumes.  It's just unforgivably period inappropriate.  Prom dresses, boho chic hippies, the costuming is just distracting it's so bad.  The whole time, I'm just like:




Also, can they play something other than The Lumineers please?  I like The Lumineers just as much as the next kid, but come on.  It doesn't take much work to have Pandora make some other suggestions for you.  If I hear this song one more time, I might screech.


And the accents.  Or rather, could we please have some accents?  The Brits, Scots and French all sound the same (namely, British).  Would it kill to have Mary fake a Scottish accent?  A prerequisite to landing this part should be able to impersonate Ewan McGregor at the very least. 


Again, scratching my head at all of the unsupervised cavorting going on.  For being a major political figure, they sure do let Mary just wander around, despite assassination attempts galore. 


At the end, I'm left with a feeling which is not too far from this.


goat stare


Don't know how I'll be able to stand the wait.  Until next week.