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Charmed Life  - Diana Wynne Jones

This was actually a re-read.  Does it count as a re-read if the first time you read it, it was back in grade school?  I guess it does.  So 20+ years later, here I am again.  I distinctly remember certain scenes were totally like woah to my young brain.


Bill and Ted woah


And even though I hadn't read the book in years, I could remember a few of the scenes really distinctly.  I have to say it was great to re-live those as an adult, and I really found the book to be a pleasure to read.  It's meant to be YA, but some of the characters are a bit dark, multi-faceted, and it didn't read "young" to me. 


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There was the requisite magic, castles, and dragons, which were all well-placed and very apropos.  The imagery, as I mentioned, was very vivid, and there were some really beautiful scenes.  Scenes that described whirling gardens, magic spells, and the castle were especially evocative. 



I'm really glad I revisited this book, and am going to read the rest of the Chrestomanci series as well. 


Related reads are the Harry Potters (I'd imagine, but I haven't read them yet - zomg) and The Magicians: A Novel - Lev Grossman .