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Some good, some bad.

The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource, Revised Edition - Jeffrey Gitomer

This is a book that I read for work, and parts of it really made me cringe.  I'm in sales, and I hate the stereotype of the sleazy sales person.  I pretty much make it my job to do everything I can not to be that person, in work and in general. 


Minus one star for this book being really technologically dated.  When was this published?  (That's not a rhetorical question.)  There were tips about managing your client contacts and following up with people (good advice) but that you should do so by using sticky notes and index cards.  I have to imagine this was before computers and client management programs? 


Minus one star for certain parts being incredibly cheesy.  I think it was just his general approach that gave me that sort of sleazy feel.  Some of his helpful hints I would never use.


Plus one star for being really easy to read.  Fonts bolded and different sizes, easy to flip through to the section you want, this was almost like an easy reference manual.  Other sales books I've read are written like, well, a regular book, with paragraph after paragraph and chapter after chapter.  This was much easier visually to digest.


And plus one star for some very helpful tidbits and approaches, though they were buried in some real muck.