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Sharing Morocco: Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours - Ruth Barnes

Any successful chef (and even unsuccessful ones like me) will tell you that you eat with your eyes first.  This is true for the presentation of a plate in front you, and for a book tempting you with foods to eat.  Especially for foreign foods that I'm not especially familiar with, pictures are so important to get a feel for what I'll be eating, and to give me guidance for what the finished product should look like.


That's why I was so excited to see that this cookbook is filled with beautiful, delectable pictures.  Almost every recipe had a corresponding picture.  Some were pretty straightforward (Cucumber Salad), but others were totally wow (Marrakech Fish Tagine with Olives and Chickpeas, and Tagine with Eggs and Tomatoes -- side note, these two were coincidentally tagine recipes, but there is quite a variety in the book).  Bonus thumbs up for Ema's chicken soup (M'rrq D'mama) which is a spin on matzo ball soup. 


These recipes are a great introduction to Moroccan food, and good for a beginner to intermediate chef. 


I won a copy of this cookbook from Good Reads First Reads.