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“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”


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Bared to You - Sylvia Day

I've never read 50 Shades, but there are endless comparisons of this book and 50 Shades.  I'm not sure how they compare, but I'm really not impressed.


We start with Eva, who is a young, 20-something woman from a very wealthy family, who decides to move to NYC to make it on her own.  She works in a building owned by Gideon Cross (it took me forever to remember his name just now.  Not a good sign) who is a 28 year old, uber successful business mogel who seems to own everything.  Restaurants, clubs, gyms, apartments, etc etc etc.  Oh, and he looks like this.




Getting to envision Jared Leto is the best part of this book.


Anyway, they have instant attraction, blah blah blah, and Gideon orders her around just like he orders everyone else around.  This really wasn't sexy, it was borderline creepy and abusive.  Like, thanks for recognizing my autonomy as an individual, and for respecting my opinions.  


So the whole time, Eva is so surprised that Gideon would actually stoop to be with someone like her.  But at the first sign of trouble, she bails.  Then he comes storming back into her life, with amazing mind blowing sex.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  It got so dysfunctional that it was distracting and annoying, and the sex wasn't even good enough to make up for it. 


If you want a summary of this book in pictures, here you go:






The end.