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This explains so much!

Saluki (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) - Ann Chamberlain

For a long time, I thought my pooch was just an underweight hound.  When I rescued him, he had been a stray for quite a while, so the rescue group thought that he would gain quite a bit of weight.  He didn't gain an ounce, no matter how much puppy food and treats he ate.  So I figured that was just the way he was, long and lean, and just a strange combination of hound mix.  He also had some strange personality traits, which I thought was due to being a stray, and being in an abusive home for so long.  Some of this I still think is due to his history, but as it turns out, this breed is a very sensitive breed to start with, and certain thing exacerbate those traits.  It says in the book, for example, that Salukis are happiest in calm, quiet households, and they can be easily startled, which is definitely true of my hound.  They are also willful and aloof, and can be difficult to train (read: stubborn) which is also definitely true of my hound.  And they roo.  Sort of like a cross between a bark and a howl, but very specific to certain sighthound breeds like Salukis and Greyhounds. 


Salukis come in short haired and feathered varieties, and because of their floppy ears, they recommend using a snood.



This cracks me up!  This isn't my pooch, but sure does look like him.  My pooch doesn't like his ears being restrained in any way, so he wouldn't stand for a snood, but I think it's adorable. 


Overall, a great starter book for the breed.