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The problem with putting faces to names.

Beyond Control - Kit Rocha

I read Beyond Shame (book 1) and went straight into book 2.  I didn't realize that each book in the series would feature a different couple.  So when I was reading book 1, and was introduced to Dallas's character, I kept on picturing him as Sean Bean ala Ned Stark.



I think it was something to do with having a strong but compassionate leader that conjured him up for me.  But Ned Stark is not a sex symbol, at least not for me.  So I had some real trouble with book 2 where Dallas and Lex are the featured couple.  So I had to do some research to morph Dallas from Ned to something a bit more lusty.  A different version of Ned at least.  And to my delight, Sean Bean is actually quite tasty.



Not my usual cuppa, but he did the trick. 


Anyway, this book was more of the same.  Lots of and lots of sex, but also a little bit more in terms of world building and character development.  I think learning more about Dallas and Lex helps lay the foundation for the future books, since we have more background about the leaders and what they're all about.