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I've come to a terrible realization.

I'm in the process of packing up to move to a new house (yay) and the movers are coming next week. Saturday. The ninth. I will be without cable until monday at least, meaning I'll miss the first episode of Outlander!  Waaaaaah!!  I can always get it On Demand I'm sure, but that  means I have at least two more days of excruciating waiting to endure. Oh Jamie how will I make it that long?


On a side note, I took my pooch to the new house yesterday to check it out and sniff the yard, and discovered the yard connected to ours has two crazy pit bulls that just kept charging the fence. Not sure how comfortable I will feel leaving my pup outside unattended now. :/ But any time in a yard for him will be good since he has been an apartment dog his whole life. 


Back to packing!