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Three cheers for Maisie!

Maisie Dobbs - Jacqueline Winspear

I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but am just now getting around to some of my reviews.


This was a really quick read.  I totally fell in love with Maisie's character, and really like her spunk and spirit.  I enjoy a strong, independent woman, especially one ahead of her time.  I also liked how we got a glimpse of her childhood, early adulthood, as well as her present life.  It was a charming story, bit of a mystery, with engaging characters.  I'm happy there are 9 or 10 more books in this series!


My only complaint is the characters were constantly referred to by their full name.  Maisie Dobbs this, Maisie Dobbs that.  I understand doing that with peripheral characters or at the beginning of each book of the series, but with the main character, throughout the entire book?  It got to the point where it was a little distracting.  But overall I really liked the author's writing style and the characters she's created.