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Just wanted to share a pic of my hound dog from when he was a pup.  Part of what drew me to him was his crooked snout, and the expressive quality he has. 


When he was young, his original owner had an abusive boyfriend.  When she fled, he used Buddy as a pawn to try and get her back.  His face is half paralyzed, thus the crooked snout, but he was rescued and lived in the basement of the vet's office for several weeks, housed next to the cat kennels.  That explains why he is so very disinterested in cats.  :)  I am so sad to think of the pain and fear he must have endured during that time in his puppihood, but I'm glad that his snout was the thing that drew me to him, and is (just one of many things that) what sets him apart from the rest of the dog world.  He may have a funny face, but he is a regal hound and the king of my castle on the inside.