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Mmmmmmm, Dimitri...part 2.

Frostbite - Richelle Mead

Not too long ago, the Vampire Academy series was on sale on kindle, so I actually bought the first three books.  I figured if they sucked, I wasn't spending all that much, and if I love them, it would be money well spent.


I consider this a very good investment so far.  Dimitri is the stuff my dreams are made of.



I was a little bit disappointed that

Dimitri didn't have as big of a role in this book, but that's just because I'm loving his character.

(show spoiler)

There was a bit more of the teen angst and the necessary love triangle, but it really wasn't enough to annoy me.


In fact, this book really urged me on to reading book three, instead of taking a break in between to read my civil war tome.  Who needs such a downer when I'm enjoying my Russian hunk?


Still really enjoying the portrayal of the vampires.  They're seductive, powerful, sometimes scary, the way I always imagined them.  These vamps are definitely not bedazzled.