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Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

I'll give this book a very meh 3 stars.  Without spoiling anything, there are some people who love the ending, or hate the ending.  I'm really neither here nor there about it.  It's a trilogy, and you have to wrap it up somehow.  So I'm fine with the ending.


I blew through Divergent in a day, and I think Insurgent took me two days.  Allegiant took me over a week.  I didn't feel that the plot moved in quite the same way.  There was action, adventure, some twists, but it was just sort of meh.





I also am very picky about books with alternating point of view.  I've only read a couple of books like this that I felt were well done, and that I actually liked.  This book was sort of borderline in that way for me.  I liked getting to know Four a little bit better, but I don't know that the alternating POV was the way to have to do that.  This book just felt a little disjoint from the rest of the trilogy.


This trilogy started out with a bang, and ended with a meh.