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“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.”


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Clued In: How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again (paperback)
Lewis Carbone
The Bourne Identity (Jason Bourne #1) - Robert Ludlum

Four stars for action and speed of story telling. Two stars for character development.

The action and intrigue in this book start on page one, and go pretty much non-stop to the last page. The book definitely reeled me in. The problem was the poor character development left me uninvested in everyone involved. Some characters don't even get names before they're offed. They're gone as quickly as they're introduced, so Ludlum relies on having to spell everything out. Thoughts, emotions, motivations and relationships all have to be spelled out, since so little attention is devoted to the characters for the sake of the plot.