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If I Stay - Gayle Forman

3.5 stars, but I'm a rounder downer.

I shouldn't have read the reviews before I read the book. I shouldn't have read how this book made people cry. I expected a lot, emotionally, from this book. And I didn't cry. I didn't tear up. My throat didn't get tight. The end of the book came, and it was just over.

Given the serious subject matter, I think I could have used a little bit more of a mature voice from the narrator. I know she's only 17, so she's supposed to be a teen, but I think a little more maturity from her would have deepened the experience for me.

The book was YA, and definitely felt YA. I flew through it in a day.

I'll definitely give the sequel a shot, but I'm not over the moon about this book.