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Buddy Brown update!


So Buddy has been home with us since Monday evening, and he's been adjusting and recovering very well.  He has a 10" bandage on his tummy covering his incision and staples.  I have to remove the bandage tonight (eeeeeesh, maybe will make hubby do it).  Because of the incision, we have to keep him very calm, and as still as possible at all times.  No playing, walks limited to 10 minutes, no going up or down stairs unsupervised (he has to be on a leash), no stepping up of any kind.  This means no beds or couches.  So we've been camping out in our spare bedroom, with a futon mattress on the floor so that it can be an accessible height for Buddy.  He loves to snuggle in the middle of the night, and I'm so used to it it doesn't even wake me up anymore.  And, he can get on and off the futon whenever he likes.


Here, Buddy shows off his sunbathing skills.  Looks like the pain killers are working, since he seems quite comfortable. 


Thanks so much for your love, support and good wishes.  Buddy thanks you too.