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What does a day in your reading life look like?

Happy Friday everybody!


I was sniffing around here and GR the other day, and I noticed that some of the top reviewers read and review more books in a week than I do all year.  So that got me to thinking.  What does your average day look like when it comes to reading?


I'm sad to say that usually, I wake up early, have a full day at work, come home and make dinner/tend to the house/take care of dog, and watch a little TV.  My reading is typically in the last hour before bed, when I snuggle up with the pooch and a book.  Reading time lately (thanks to nyquil) has been limited to about 2 pages at a time.  But I usually read between 20-70 pages per night.


On the weekends, I'm a pretty early riser (I keep my weekday sleep schedule pretty closely) and hubby sleeps in, so I have a good 2-3 hours of quiet time in the morning that I read. 


The books I read have, on average, about 350 pages or so.  So this puts me at a rate of about a book a week.


What about you?